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Mishimoto Presence at the Philadelphia Auto Show

The Philadelphia Auto Show is a 630,000 square foot maze of automotive fun! For 2013 this annual event featured a “Ride & Drive,” a Mustang vs. Camaro Face Off, and numerous manufacturers showing their most recent technology and innovations. From exotics to commuters to classics, the Philadelphia Auto Show has something for everyone. This year, a few Mishimoto-sponsored rides were at the show to represent the brand.

First up is Jovian Yoh’s MK2 VW Jetta with gorgeous paint and BBS wheels. A built VR6 under the hood is kept cool by a Mishimoto Radiator and Silicone Hose set. This Jetta features a pretty wild air suspension setup and an extensive audio build.

Local enthusiast Gary Stuffo brought his 2006 Subaru STi to the show. This Subaru has a handful of tasteful modifications and absolutely fantastic Laguna Seca Blue paint. Hiding behind Seibon Carbon components and Work wheels is a built block with a serious turbo setup and tarmac-gripping suspension. Gary trusts Mishimoto to provide ample cooling for this monster Subaru.

Fresh from his trip to the UK, Chilly was in attendance and made his rounds throughout the show. After downing a cheese steak taller than himself (we’re still not sure where he puts it), Chilly zipped around the show and posed for pictures by his favorite rides.

He also spent an unusually long time at the display for the new McLaren. Eventually he was kicked out, but only after getting a few pictures.

Check out the gallery below for more images from the event!

Chilly Takes On Autosport International!

Mishimoto recently ventured overseas to the Autosport International Trade Show. It was great to have such a warm and enthusiastic welcome! Everyone’s favorite penguin, Chilly, tagged along to take in the sights and sounds of Birmingham. The unique charm of Chilly was in full swing during the show, and since returning to the states he says he can’t keep up with his Facebook requests. We may have to get a personal assistant for him!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Mishimoto booth to say “Cheers.” On display in our booth were a few of our brand new products, including the Baffled Oil Catch Can and the Thermostatic Sandwich Plate. We ran videos featuring top drivers from the United States, such as Chris Rado. It was great meeting everyone and we hope you enjoyed what we had to offer!

Keeping tabs on Chilly was not easy as he made his rounds of the show. He stopped by the Richard Burns memorial, the SATS Motorsport Supra, the F1 memorabilia booth, and he even visited with the stars from Top Gear! Some say Chilly has a striking resemblance to The Stig; all we know is they are both remarkably quiet.

We also were able to meet with editors from some of the top UK magazines, including Fast Car, Fast Ford, Banzai, Japanese Performance, Race Car Engineering, Race Engine Technology, and many others. We really enjoyed meeting everyone and we hope to do it again soon. Chilly is very excited to return later in 2013, so stay tuned to find out where and when!

Tandas Privadas at the Circuit of Jarama

On December 29th and 30th, a gathering of automotive enthusiasts ventured to the Circuit of Jarama to enjoy some track time. This course was built in 1967 and is located north of Madrid in Spain. Numerous Formula One and Grand Prix events were held at this track until 1981, when it was deemed too narrow for modern racing standards.  The course still holds events, and the motorists from Tandas Privadas came prepared for a few days of fun.

A great variety of cars were on the track, from FWD hatchbacks to Evos,  GTRs, and Porches. It was great to see the unique vehicles that we do not get to experience in the States. The love for motorsports is certainly universal. Our friends from Find-4-U were stationed in the Mishimoto booth at the Circuit of Jarama. Check out the gallery below for images from the event.

Mishimoto at the Autosport International Trade Show!

The 2013 Autosport International Trade show is coming up fast! This is a wonderful event that unites all forms of petrolheads, racing fans, and automotive enthusiasts. We wouldn’t miss this for the world, so Mishimoto will be onsite taking pictures, talking with spectators, and enjoying the truly incredible atmosphere.

The Mishimoto booth is the place to be this year. We’ll have several new and innovative products on display, and, you’ll be able to gain some insight on our engineering and development process. We will have several knowledgeable representatives onsite to answer any questions and provide unique information about our products. Check us out in booth 7610! Our display products include aluminum radiators, intercoolers, silicone hose kits, and a few newly released specialty items shown below.

The Mishimoto Thermostatic Sandwich Plate is a brand new product that we are truly excited about! This sandwich plate functions with our oil cooler kits, and with the use of removable thermostats, you’ll have complete control over your oil system’s temperature. The plate is crafted from 6061 aluminum, and its gold finish will look great in any engine bay.

The Mishimoto direct-fit Oil Cooler Kit for the Mitsubishi Evolution X is a revolutionary product that takes cooling seriously. This kit features dual coolers for optimal cooling ability and airflow. This is a drop-in product, and the kit includes all the hardware, lines, brackets, and coolers that you need. Minimal pressure drop and proven temperature reduction make this a great buy for your track or street Evo.

You can also expect to see a few of our aluminum radiators at the show, including our Subaru WRX/STi 2001-2005 radiator. Utilizing aircraft-quality aluminum and a 100% brazed aluminum core, this radiator provides a 30% increase in cooling efficiency and a healthy increase in coolant capacity. The end tanks are polished to a mirror finish, and the fitment is flawless in your Subaru. Stop by the booth to check out the top-quality products we offer.

Some images from previous years are shown below, as well as some information about what to expect this year. Numerous vehicles will be on display, from rally cars to F1 vehicles, and all of your favorite motorsports competitors will be there. Various leaders in the automotive industry from around the world will be gathered to provide valuable information and insight on their products.

The event features a live-action arena and the largest indoor track in the UK. You’ll see some amazing shows and demonstrations, including four-wheeled vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles, and four-wheeled vehicles on two wheels!

The F1 racing grid provides the opportunity to see up close the technology in modern Formula 1 vehicles.

Karting is a widely popular developmental tool for young and old drivers. The karting area provides information on products, clubs, and events. Along with this the indoor track allows the opportunity to get a feel for zipping around in a kart. Celebrity drivers will be navigating the course this year to raise money for Alzheimer research.

The Caterham Driving Experience offers the opportunity to strap in and hold on while a professional driver slides around a course. A zero-to-sixty time of less than 3 seconds will be sure to produce a smile for the rest of the weekend.

The displays will be great, the vehicles will be fantastic, but the interviews with motorsports leaders from across the globe will be unique and insightful. This year features a slew of interesting folks, including Tom Kristensen, Jason Plato, David Coulthard, Sir Jackie Stewart, and many others.

The show will be in Birmingham, UK, and runs from January 10-13. If you can’t make it this year be sure to check our blog for plenty of images from the event!

For more information about this year and media from previous years, check out the direct site for the Autosport International Trade Show.

AJPerformance Honda S2000 Build

It is not often that you see a build as meticulous and thorough as this Honda S2000, owned by Adriano Piras. This vehicle was torn down and rebuilt from the ground up for its future on the track. The first stop for this road warrior will be the 2013 VLN championship, where we expect it to destroy a few records.

This vehicle has an impressive parts list. All components were selected with a specific goal in mind: speed. It is powered by a built F-series engine that draws air through its individual throttle bodies. The suspension features several Eibach and Bilstein components. OZ racing and Michelin handle the job of putting that power to the pavement and Spoon’s exterior upgrades handles the aerodynamics.  Mishimoto rounds out the build by supplying all the components necessary to keep this S2000 cool on the track. This build utilizes a Mishimoto X-line radiator, fan shroud kit, coolant reservoir and silicone radiator hoses. A huge amount of custom work and fabrication was required for this build, and the attention to detail is fantastic!

Check out the huge gallery below for detailed images of how this build progressed from the yellow street car you see above to the track animal that AJPerformance created.

Check back for a second installment of this build with dyno and track results!

Team Hybrid at Motor Trend International

Team Hybrid made quite an impact this year at the Motor Trend International Auto Show, November 23-25 in Las Vegas. This three-day event features the newest offerings from several major automotive manufacturers, giving potential buyers the opportunity to research and even test drive new vehicles. The show also features high-end exotic and off-road vehicles. This event welcomes all enthusiasts and is certainly family friendly. There is no better way to mold a youngster into a gearhead than by sitting him or her in a twin turbocharged V8 sports car.

For the fourth consecutive year, Team Hybrid was invited to this event to showcase their highly modified vehicles intended for street, race, and show use.

Chilly is riding on the dash in Allan Mortel’s super clean S2000.

This very clean Scion sports some awesome exterior and interior upgrades.

This RHD single turbo Supra has an array of unique modifications.

Chilly is cooling off next to the Mishimoto radiator in this highly modified WRX wagon.

This highly modified widebody Evolution X really stood out with its baby blue paint. The gorgeous exterior is complimented by numerous performance modifications, including a larger turbo, performance exhaust, upgraded fuel system, camshafts, Mishimoto radiator, and many others. Check out the full specs here.

Team Hybrid was such a big hit that they were featured on the TV news! Well done guys.

Check out the gallery below for more images from the event. Click here to visit the page for Team Hybrid.

Mishimoto at SEMA 2012

Las Vegas is home to SEMA, one of the largest automotive performance shows in the country. Even though we didn’t have a booth this year, we did send part of Team Mishi to check out the flora and fauna (we mean hot cars and sexy girls!). The show gets better and better every year and 2012 was no exception. It was great to see numerous vehicles wearing the Mishimoto badge and sporting our products, from aluminum radiators to oil cooler kits.

Last year at SEMA, our booth featured the live transformation of the Mishimoto 370Z with some creative artwork. We had numerous celebrities and professional drivers sign the hood, which was recently auctioned to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Check out the blog post and an awesome video from 2011.

Pictured below are some spectacular vehicles from this year. Enjoy!

Kyle Mohan’s Formula Drift RX8 was a big hit this year.

Eric McWilliams’ Evolution X featured a brand new wide-body kit and paint job. Eric is a Team Hybrid member, and his Evolution is the only vehicle on the West Coast that has this particular body kit.

Francis Fab’s FR-S featured the only steel wide-body FR-S at SEMA.

This S14, with its fantastic body and paint job, was certainly no slouch in the performance department.

The FR-S/BRZ was a favorite this year. This is the Stay Crushing FR-S featuring some impressive aero and suspension modifications.

Team Hybrid also brought a few vehicles to the show, including this stunning S2000.

Tapout brought its over-the-top Nova wagon with LS single-turbo power and four racing seats.

This 350Z with a VeilSide kit received some help from Mishimoto to cool the supercharged VQ power plant.

Mike Guyman brought his mean-looking Camaro SS to SEMA this year. Mike was one of the signers for our 370Z hood last year.

Check out the gallery below for a few more images. Look for us next year at yet another amazing SEMA experience!


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